Managing an Art Gallery

Washington borough, New Jersey is a sleepy place in the Valley of Photacong Mountains. The area around is a nice mix people from all walks of life, but vast majority being farmers. An art gallery of this magnitude and style is slowly but surely attracting people’s attention. The art gallery has been setup with a purpose of a noble charitable cause and for a short duration of four weeks.

I, being an artist, always visited art galleries around the globe to enjoy the art works of the great masters and local artists. So, when I was asked to help setup and run this gallery for few hours a week as a volunteer, I gladly accepted the offer. Interacting with the art patrons and people, listening to their views and interpretations of the art is a revelation. Different people can interpret the same artwork so differently; listening to them can only make you understand and give you a sense of it.

A husband calling a human figurine thoughtful and live with expressions, while the wife declaring it outright scary! It reminded of a beautiful (self boasting) pencil sketch I did years ago of an old man, face full of wrinkles from age, a nice smile with one tooth missing, eyes full of expression. Let me tell you, it was a commendable piece of art work, which I framed it and hung it my bedroom (well, may be it was not the best of the place to hang it, but I had a small house and it was my study too!). My wife never liked it and found the old man scary and looking at her shall I say the truth – slyly! No guesses here, it did not last very long on the wall. No wonder, men are from mars and women from some other planet, but still live lovingly on the planet earth!

It is a great show, and my first experience as a gallery manager, I am proud of it.


  2. Ghana 4E a short introduction:

Note: Artist or ‘thinkart’ has no affiliation to this charity other than being a donor to this charity time to time.


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