Shine: Fireworks Vs Lightsaber


I was busy photographing the fireworks on 4th July. There are hardly any fireworks, where I am without being glued to my lenses and trying to take that one shot of lifetime. That one elusive shot, which I cannot describe, but surely will recognize. This picture when I took, I was trying to play around with the light falling on the crowd sitting on the beach and watching the show. The intention was not to brighten the foreground to a point where the contrast of the subtle lighting and the falling long shadows get lost. However, the result was more amusing than spectacular. There is a clear shine from the smartphone, the artificial palm trees and even a distant shining dot of a cell phone in far right. However, the shining blue of the ‘lightsaber’ stuck in sand steals the show, I guess.

Nikon D60, New Jersey, July4th, 2013



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