Chaos: Bee Swarming


Ever watched a bee swarming? It is the most spectacular sight only if you are not afraid of beeswarming-2watching ten of thousands of bees flying, suddenly and out of no where to somewhere! Typically, the bees swarm in a perfect formation, moves swiftly and to a specific first stop (before again flying out to a permanent location of choice). The whole process of swarming will resemble like a small cloud formation with ten to twenty thousand bees. However, the whole process became chaotic and bees can be seen every where when a strong wind started blowing right at that moment. The chaos in the bees can be seen in the picture 1 above (the scattered dots in front of the trees are the bees), I had to use a wide angle to capture the entire spread of the swarm. The Picture 3 shows the bees finally settling high up the tree.

Nikon D5300, June 12, 2016. Grenbytes Farm, New Jersey


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