Tiny: Welcome to Lilliputian’s world

Tiny, is just a perspective, exploited by the artists to miniaturize or technique like tilt-shift. However, there are some artists who believe in blowing up things out of proportion. Such artwork make us human beings look tiny….real tiny! I am taking this ‘tiny’ challenge but just reversing the perspective. Welcome to the lilliputian’s world.

The photographs have been taken with a view to show the scale realistically. The bear reflection, person talking on the phone, distant green traffic light and reflections of the cars on the road gives you the perspective, depth and playfulness of an amusing peeping tom, ah..I mean peeping bear.

Abe Lincoln was tall and even taller leader. I would say, this sculpture is a fitting tribute to him. A 5′ person and the trees in the background are dwarfed by the larger than life sculptures.

  1. Sony pocket camera. Picture 1: Denver Convention Center, Denver. 2007
  2. Nikon D60. Picture 2: Ground of Sculptures, Hamilton, NJ. April 2014



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