New Horizon: Window of opportunity


I always get a feel of the true vastness of this world, its underlying ripples and the mysteries  from the sea. Looking out, you can see the endless water, merging skylines and near shore waves. It is very similar to life, the daily struggles, endless quest to find peace and finally merging with the soil, water and air. The rocks represent the obstacles, however, there is, as they say, always a window of opportunity somewhere.

The hole in the rock represents this window of opportunity, and looking through it is the vast horizon of new opportunities.

I was awestruck with this rock formation in Pacific Ocean. Nature is full of surprises and inspiration, all you need is a pair of eyes and a right mindset to grasp it.

Nikon D5300. May 17, 2016. Lands end area, San Francisco, CA.

New Horizon


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