Reflection is highly philosophical word. Reflecting means to introspect, to think. The best example, literally, is when we look at the mirror and see our own reflection. Countless thoughts enter in our head. Do I see one more grey hair? Is this a new line on the face? Am I growing old faster than I am achieving my goals? Do I see the same person in the mirror that existed 10 years back?

However, sometimes, some images bring about a different train of thoughts. May be, its the state of mind and the images combined that trigger these thoughts. Consider the picture above (Luray Caverns, Virginia). These rock formations inside the dimly lit caves form an interesting visuals with a thin layer of clear water. I see the images as one, as if the rocks are placed one above the other, as if the original rock and and reflection has joined creating these beautiful pattern. It reminds me of staying true to self, both outside and in the reflection. This image reminds me of the reflection carrying the burden of the original rock (original self).

Nikon D60, 2008. Luray Caverns, Virginia.



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