Bridge: Shadow

Bridge Shadow

I was amused to see my shadow standing on a wooden bridge, some 30 feet long, on a beech along Route-1, California.

Nikon D5300.  Somewhere on a Beech along Route-1, California. May 18, 2016



5 thoughts on “Bridge: Shadow

  1. Very nice. Did you know Route 1 in California had a terrible mudslide earlier this summer and it blocked the route for the next year or so while they try to clear it? Such a bummer!!


    • Yes, I was shocked to hear the news in May. I love driving along this route whenever I visit San Francisco. This mud slide is kind of a reminder, no matter how much technological advancement we are able to make, the nature always proves to more powerful. This picture was taken in May last year at the Pebble Beach.


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