Unusual: Chicken Mom & Peacock Chicks

Nature and motherly instincts are the most beautiful things in the world and many times surprise you with their unusual actions. We seldom hear stories like a lioness was feeding a leopard cub (BBC). These stories are rare and sometimes the photographers are able to capture such unusual phenomenons. I happened to witness one such story, where abandoned peacock eggs were kept in a chicken coop for hatching. The hen nursed it and now the peacock chicks keep following the hen and eating what a hen eats! Even though the peacock chicks have grown to almost the size of the hen and their uniques features have started to show, the bond seems intact and unbreakable. Motherly love is unbreakable and nature shows us again in an unusual way.

The pictures are not the best I could take (resolution and lighting), though I did spend over an hour to chase the fast moving birds in varied lighting conditions. I think, I need to work on my skills to take such action pictures….It will be highly appreciated if anyone of you have some tips/ suggestions as to how to capture such events.

Nikon D5300, Somewhere in Gujarat, India, Feb 18, 2017



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